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2017 Great Wall Wingle


SOLD - 2017 Wingle 5 in excellent condition with only 25,000 km. Standard 5 speed gearbox. Regular oil and filter changes with synthetic oil. Corolla engine will run forever. Not a 4x4. Not used for hauling, only used for transportation. Upholstery was covered, so it's not stained or dirty and is like new. Gets good mileage (probably around 30 on the highway), the rubber is in good shape, and the AC blows quite cold. The truck has been well cared for and is barely broken in. It is a reliable vehicle and has never failed to start or run well on the road. The battery was replaced about a year ago - normal maintenance but it's a good battery and will last for a few years more. Not much use on gravel roads, basically used to go from San Ignacio to Spanish Lookout once a week, so the mileage has been mostly highway. The truck was driven lightly over speed bumps, so it is not suffering from being beaten up. Vehicle resides in San Ignacio, owner's name is Paul, and phone is 653-3531. Best time to call is not early morning.

4 Cylinders
15625 mls.